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Ode to Intention

This series of film photographs contains a clothing collection that was designed and handmade by me. Within these pictures I seek to capture its intention as an ode to sustainability. By using second hand materials like salvaged denim and paint to create one of a kind textiles, I seek to showcase the importance of bringing new life into once discarded objects. For some of my pieces I also used natural dyes to create unique designs on fabrics and yarn that I incorporated into the pieces. I created this collection to bring about a new way of thinking of discarded materials, as well as fashion and our relationship to it. My sustainable designs seek to challenge the conventional notions of modern fast fashion.


Adrift is about the feeling of being one with the tide. The highs and lows of life are in a constant state of flux. This work is about the feeling of starting a new chapter of life. The name Adrift comes from being inbetween the different phases of life. The feeling of being lost and adrift with big life changes and shifts was the inspiration behind this film photography series.

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