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Hi! I am a multimedia artist with a specialty in film photography. I am currently based out of St. Augustine, FL and New York. Growing up, I always knew I wanted to be involved in the fashion industry. It is no surprise that my main creative outlet is editorial photography. There is an irreplicable sense of nostalgia that comes from film photography, which is why 99% of my photos are either shot on 120 or 35mm film! I'm a recent college graduate from Flagler College with a Bachelor of Fine Art. I love to incorporate my other passions into my photography, like my textile work with crochet and sewing. Exploring new concepts and trying new things is a huge passion of mine, which can be reflected in my body of work.


Commercial Projects

Photographed, produced, casted, styled, and provided Creative Direction for Coco Clem's SS'23 Campaign

Photographed original image that was used to create a puzzle that is for sale at the distillery's retail store and online

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Super 8 Film


A Day in the Life photographing GAYLE for The Luna Collective, Shot & Edited by

Gracie Gianoukos

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BTS Super 8 Short film for Strike Magazine Saint Augustine's Issue 02 photoshoot, Synapse.

Shot by Shauna Gentile & Gracie Gianoukos, Edited by Shauna Gentile

Screen Shot 2024-01-17 at 9.24.28 PM.png

Lost Moments

My first short film Lost Moments is about the moments I missed out on when I was a child due to my chronic illness. This film feels like the conclusion of my mourning period of what never was. Onwards to new chapters, and new beginnings. 

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